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Always Forgiven

The air was bone-chillingly cold and the wind might have bitten right through your knit hat, if you had stepped outside. The winter season had stretched long and dark across West Michigan and Stephanie and I were beginning to sense the cabin fever syndrome setting in around our little bungalow….

Cancerous Christianity

Cancer. That one, singular word cuts into the fabric of our lives with fear and anxiety, doesn’t it? Every person knows someone who has battled against cancer – perhaps you know one who is in the middle of the fight right now. This lethal, fearsome disease is waging war against their body, seeking to wrack their frame with total destruction.


What do we value most? What kind of value do you and I place on our money, homes, cars, reputation, vacations, recreation, jobs, success, spouse and children, mom or dad, brother or sister…? It’s not that good jobs, money, homes, or most of all, our family members are bad things to hold as dear. My family is incredibly precious and dear to me. But what do you and I value most… more than anything?

Life or Death?

Life or Death? I recently took a few moments to observe the mortality rates for the USA, which are charted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The most recent available data is for the calendar year 2010. Here’s what I found…

Discipleship through Relationship

Jesus walked His disciples through streets, towns, and villages full of people who did not recognize Him as the Savior and Messiah. He took them into circles of sick, hurting, needy, crippled, leprous, antagonistic, and even hostile people. To all of these He demonstrated the truth and the infinite love and grace that could change their lives – forever.

5 Ways to Encourage a Young Pastor’s Wife

So you’re wondering how to encourage a young pastor’s wife? Are you unsure how to connect with her on a personal level? Perhaps you’re not certain how to “become friends” with the wife of your pastor – simply because of the unique role they have in your congregation? Does she sometimes appear a bit frazzled, worn or distant, but you’re not sure what to say in order to show her how much you really care? Here are some ideas and steps you might take…